Our 1% Pledge

We think it is important to be aware of our environment and community, therefore as a business we decided to sign up Pledge 1% to help us create a framework for us to ‘do our bit’.  We were attracted to Pledge 1% as it’s doing more than just donating money to good causes.  We do pledge 1% of our profit on an annual basis to good causes, as noted below, however we also pledge our product (expertise) and time, to try and make a difference to a range of good causes.  

Keep an eye on our communications for information on how we are interacting with our pledges.

About the 1% Pledge

1% pledge was set up by Marc Beinoff, Chairman and CEO of Salesforce to commit entrepreneurs and their companies to support integrating philanthropy into their business from an early stage. Over 10,000 members in 100 countries have used Pledge 1%’s flexible framework to ignite half a billion dollars in new philanthropy. It involves pledging 1% of equity, time, product and profit to philanthropic causes.


At WKM, we are committed to being aware of our corporate social responsibility and helping those in our local community that are in need.

To date, please see below the contributions we have made to the pledge, with more to come!

  • Chairing Council Meetings
  • Interview for school pupils their career options
  • Giving platelets & plasma
  • PFTA Meeting
  • Giving Blood
  • Presentations for post 16yr old students considering higher education