In a conversation with a longstanding connection shortly after our launch, the magnitude of what we have created dawned on me in that, while we are not unique in financial services, we are part of a rare breed.  We are an independent, boutique financial planning and investment management business. 

We have invested time and effort into our systems and service providers to allow us to setup clients within 48 hours for their pensions, ISAs, JISAs, and investment accountants for trusts, companies, couples and individuals. 

In a financial world still dominated by paper-based systems established in the 80s and 90s, we have been able to create a modern way of communicating with our clients.  We use encrypted applications forms and digital ID checking, to make the client journey smoother and more reliable when investing with us.  Our digital partners are some of the largest in the world, and we chose to work with them as their track record of keeping abreast of changes in our market place is well documented.  They self invest to a level which is quite unprecedented.

Self-investing is a critical component of any financial services company that wants to go the distance in both looking after clients now and being able to do so even better in the future.  We adopted a best in breed approach to our systems and way of working, based upon change.  We are continually challenging ourselves and our partners in ways of working better.  If we can be smoother in the delivery of our service to clients, then their experience and engagement with their finances will increase.  One of my personal goals for Wattam Kirby Mee is that we always seek to provide our clients with the highest level of engagement with their finances. 

We love how clients have real-time data for all of their investments with us and that they receive up to date reports that are relevant to them each quarter.  While mass communications are sometimes needed in our industry, we strive to make these the exception rather than the rule. 

When I receive a communication that is truly bespoke to me, I always notice.  Wow me with how you deliver that and I am genuinely listening. 

All clients are different (yes they share some similarities) and so tactics will need to be different for each client.  We allocate one adviser to each client and one investment director, to ensure that a close-knit team always knows the plan for that client.  This reduces transaction times and speeds up communication to ensure that every opportunity is taken advantage of in full.

At a time of market turmoil, our view is that our clients should expect to reach the other side in better shape as we grasp the new opportunities in front of us.   

Simply hanging on for recovery is not good enough. 

Having clear lines of communication, the technology to be swift, allows us to be bold and decisive, to either safeguard capital or achieve an advanced goal.

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