We received an unwanted update this week; to be told that the end of lockdown restrictions on 21st June were being pushed back by four weeks. This is a blow to many and is understandably causing a lot of controversy within our government and media.

I have heard many differing opinions on this, and I am not writing this blog to preach, or even to convey my thoughts on it, but more to express a feeling of appreciation for the good things in life. I, like my colleagues, friends, and clients at WKM, am keeping focussed on the positive aspects of life – those small wins that keep us smiling. I spoke to a client this week who was sat in their garden whilst on the phone to me. The sunshine, and the birdsong, were such a joy and things we should not lose sight of – we could do with a bit more sun though, right!

We have welcomed a number of clients and fellow professionals to our offices just outside Leicester over recent weeks and look forward to continuing to develop relationships in person during 2021, including some real events, that might even include a breakfast sandwich….. watch this space.

We could align a positive mentality to our savings and investments; we don’t know what the future holds but we can plan, and appreciate the wins along the way! In essence, we aren’t fully back to the old “normal” but I feel it’s important to enjoy the journey, and I hope you do, too…

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