Here’s one I’m sure the majority can relate to – having that idea to renovate a room in your house. I’ve recently decided to undertake the joy of modernising my bathroom. I had one of those moments where I was shocked at how much a tap costs and had to pull my poker face when I was quoted for the labour costs. I am now at a stage where I am removing tiles from my wall (I must remember to wear goggles!) as I want progress to be quickened.

Lining up all of the tradesmen and suppliers has taken all of my organisation prowess, and I’m wishing I could have just passed all of the work on to someone else to manage.

The time hasn’t come where my shower is off the wall yet, which will be the most painful part of the process, but I am keeping in mind that final result.

You could seamlessly link this to managing your finances – knowing the end result you want to achieve, understanding fees, researching providers and advisors, and persevering through the arduous times to achieve your end result. My advice…..get your ducks in a row and choose wisely!

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