Office / workplace, client premises, home?

I was away recently for half term with the family, celebrating my eldest’s 6th birthday and enjoying half term fun with him and the family. Center Parcs is relatively unfamiliar territory for us as a family, but one we enjoyed very much, despite the pricing.

Back to work on the Monday and I had a planned day out & about, seeing prospective clients and an ex colleague, in Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire. I completed my ACA at BDO Stoy Hayward (as it was), based from Hatfield and very much enjoyed my time living in St Albans and Stevenage. Was lovely to be in my old stomping ground and thinking back to my time at BDO, it was a pre-curser of flexible working – we had 3G cards for our laptops, meaning we could work from anywhere, with relative ease, providing we had a 3G signal…….

Roll forward too many years to note, as part of the planning of setting up WKM, we were very much aware that we wanted to be & had to be, a tech led business. Our ability to work from anywhere, expand easily and be connected, was imperative. Clearly no one could foresee the Covid pandemic, least of all four chaps trying to get a business launched and gain FCA authorisation…… but our ability to get going during a pandemic, manage through the various lockdowns and grow from nothing to in excess of 200 clients in just 18 months has been to a fair degree, been possible because of our agility and ability to work wherever, whenever.

Writing this blog today, we’re all in the office here, just outside Leicester. It’s great to be together, but equally we know we can all work from home or anything in between. Nothing works better in our view though, of being together in the office, sharing experiences, questions and developments. Each of us work from home at some point during the week, whether that’s a day, 2 days or a few hours, but we work around our personal lives as much as our clients.

Historically, most client meetings would be at their home, meaning hours on the road. We continue to visit our clients wherever suits them, but invariably we’re holding more meetings online, saving time, emissions and ultimately increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the relationship. Equally, we love welcoming our clients to our offices – we have a great coffee machine, comfy chairs & a lovely team too!

We’re at an exciting part of our business growth as we look to become a team of 6 – not that we have ambitions to be a vast employer! If you’d like to know more about us & our vision, why not come & see us at our office?

Where do you like to work from?

Thanks for reading & 

Enjoy the journey