Here at WKM Wealth we schedule regular 121 meetings as an opportunity to check on operational matters, wellbeing, goals, support and learning requirements, or just to check in and maintain strong relationships.

It was about 6 months ago that a discussion took place about my enjoyment at work and how this could be further enhanced by gaining some industry qualifications, to enable me to further understand the business and industry I work within. My gut feeling was a nervousness around whether I would enjoy the learning process and the thought of being examined on my learnings was next level scary.

I had started my career in sales and assumed that this would continue. A couple of years ago, I decided to completely change my line of work. Never having worked in the financial world I knew the learning curve would be steep but the process of starting my Personal Finance qualification required some real changes.

I got my head into the books and was soon faced with the challenge of allotting time to learn. The Directors at WKM were kind enough to allow me time during the working day to spend learning. As we’re continuing to get busier, I struggled to come away from the day job as there’s always something to do. One of the Directors encouraged me to stick to the learning time I’d booked out as it’s too easy to be pulled into something else.

Having just passed my first exam (hallelujah!) I reflect on how much support and encouragement I have been given by the fantastic team I work with, and I am very thankful for that. I feel proud that I have stretched myself (I could see my comfort zone somewhere about a mile away!). With a bit more confidence in tow I’m now on to the next exam…. wish me luck!

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