I met with prospective clients recently and during the conversation discussing our investment strategies the client reminded me of the Parables of the Talent.

In the Parables of the Talent three servants are each given money whilst their master goes away on a trip; two of the servants invest the money and the third buries it. The two who invest make a return on their money and the one that hoards it does not. When their master returns, he is pleased with the servants who have made a return on the money whilst he had been away but displeased with the servant who had buried the money. There are morals to be taken from the story, but the point the clients were making is that they valued the time we took to understand their objectives, the conviction in our investment decisions and pro activity of our approach. Clients are trusting us to make the correct decision with their money and to do so we need to understand their objectives.

Our client led approach

We created WKM to give us the time with clients which they deserve. After years of working in large and ever more corporate business’s, the ability to spend more time with clients and working on their behalf is a joy. Each client is different, and time is required to consider in detail their financial plan and equally as important their investment strategy. Therefore, at WKM each client has a financial planner and an investment manager ensuring that the overall strategy is consistent and truly reflects the clients’ objectives.

Understanding your objectives

Fully understanding your objectives is the start of the journey. Once achieved, we can formulate your financial plan, bespoke to you. We then spend time with you alongside our Investment Director, Ben Wattam, to create your investment strategy to achieve your objectives.

We take a very proactive investment stance, believing that client portfolios should be fully invested in a diverse range of assets. Being a client orientated business, where client outcomes are far more important than client numbers, our portfolios can access investments which are too small for the larger more corporate asset managers, and these often provide stellar returns particularly in volatile times.

Our careful cashflow planning for you allows us to manage your liquidity requirements proactively, enabling portfolios to remain actively invested. This approach has delivered strong returns throughout the volatile markets of the past couple of years to date.  We avoid getting backed into a lack of liquidity corner.

100 years of experience!

We have 100 years combined experience of financial planning and investment management. 

Importantly we have learnt the lessons which the past two decades have taught us, but at the same time are open to harness what the future is bringing us in terms of innovation. Having all worked in more corporate wealth management business’s previously we have harnessed our wisdom to create in WKM something which is truly client focused, which allows us all to…