Dream big…That’s something I was urged to do when I was younger as I think someone saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself. Indeed, until lately, I haven’t harboured lavish or exciting dreams and I rarely thought about where life could lead me. Now it is different. I have some very positive influences in my life who are excited by what we can achieve if we dream big and then apply ourselves. Some dreams are for a bigger family, a slightly bigger house, and simply enjoying life more. More time with friends and family. More time relaxing and enjoying life. Less time in boardrooms, less worry, and less time, dare I say, working! While I always thought of myself as being good under pressure (tested time and time again by psychometrics) I am much better when I am relaxed and so limiting my client numbers was a large part of creating WKM. To spend more time with my clients to perfect their retirements.   

Our working practises were created around working remotely. At some point I would like to work somewhere warm or decidedly snowy so I can spend some family time at the beach or on the slopes, then getting back to work later in the day. The way in which the time zones of the World divide themselves has led to some exciting possibilities.

We are now inviting clients to a round of 18 holes of golf with Ben. He loves to play golf, loves to talk about the investment world and so combining the two made perfect sense for him and us from a client engagement perspective. 

Our holiday policy has a mandatory number of days which should be taken to ensure staff remain engaged, motivated, and they are not contacted while they are off. We have a great workflow process which ensures everything is on the file and nothing in the head! 

For our new starters there is an employee handbook, and the following is taken from page 1:

“At WKM we want to be part of a business that we are all proud of and want to enjoy the journey that it brings.

We want our employees to be empowered and always use their judgement to do the right thing.

You are front and centre in our mind, as you will care for our clients.

Welcome to Wattam Kirby Mee, we’re delighted you’re on board.”

Having the right mindset is integral to how we work. While the client is important, the employee is more so as they will have the ability to diminish or enhance your reputation in how they conduct themselves. 

We are now looking to add to our staff and have begun advertising for an administrative assistant in the first instance, but we see the role as all encompassing, that could go anywhere given the right applicant. Dreaming big is a large part of this for us as it is important those on the journey also have aspirations. 

Setting objectives is front and centre to a well drilled financial plan. To know where you are going, and why, is a powerful combination as it allows us to create individual tactics and strategies per client. Dreams have a worthy place alongside objective setting as they contain the words ‘What if?’ rather than ‘You want’.  

What if you could leave a family legacy to support multiple generations?

What if you could leave your mark on this planet to be remembered after you’re gone?

What if you never had to turn right on an airplane again?

Dreams are important no matter how small.

Enjoy the journey dreamers, and