I’ve got to know a huge number of impressive people since I started my financial services career in 2003. One thing that stands out from those successful people, is that you should never stop pushing yourself to develop and learn.

After gaining a 1st class honours degree from Loughborough University and working for Boots, I saw the bright lights of finance, and joined BDO. I look back at my time there with huge fondness and have many friends from that period in my life. I then moved to Tesco plc in Hertfordshire, followed by nine years at Capita plc. Some very impressive businesses, but after many years working within highly corporate environments and the arrival of my two children, I was starting to think ahead more than ever.

It was over dinner with my brother one Christmas-time, that he mentioned the idea of setting up a business – I was really excited for him but already started to think how I could be involved. The chance to setup and run a business with friends, is relatively rare for most people.

I’ve always enjoyed personal finance (check out my 15 years of itemised bank and credit card transactions!) and trying to make the most of what I have – whether that it is pensions, ISAs, or just thinking ahead generally about my family finances. The opportunity to have a day job doing something I’m really passionate about, was too good to miss, hence I jumped at it. I subsequently resigned from Capita the day after my paternity leave ended, to focus on my CII Regulated Financial Planning exams and new business prep.

You might be surprised that I know quite a few accountants who are brilliant when working for their clients, but give their own finances and planning, less focus. That’s fine, but highlights the fact that anyone, irrespective of education and background, may need some help to manage their finances and having a trusted, financial planner could be the answer.

I am a keen advocate of continuing to learn and better yourself – no matter what you do, or where you work. I did not foresee taking more exams after gaining my Chartered Accountant qualification, but there you go. I would like to think I am a one of many positive examples of showing that it’s never too late to change direction.

The Covid-19 pandemic will have unfortunately lead to much stress and anxiety but if it’s possible to spend time learning or trying new things, you will have gained something to take forward – and you never know where that might take you.

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