Escape to everywhere

From family holidays, to travelling the world with my girlfriend. I have always had a passion to travel the world. Its cliché, but “travel can help broaden your mind” and the exposure to different cultures, landscapes and people is fascinating. Not only is it eye opening and educational, the spectrum of feelings that can be experienced is vast, whether that’s pure excitement when you see the sun shining and smell the fresh food being prepared for your all-inclusive dinner, or an overwhelming feeling of sadness when seeing cities ridden with poverty. Either way, your mind is becoming increasingly aware to how the world functions. The good and the bad, the whole picture.

I have been extremely lucky to have travelled around the world with my family, from America to Europe and not to forget, some of the best holidays being here in the UK. This encouraged me to go on to travel around South East Asia with my girlfriend after I had finished my A -Levels, where we visited Vietnam, Singapore and Japan. These locations turned out to be the perfect blend for us to experience different environments and cultures.

Vietnam. Stumbling out of the airport departure lounge absolutely shattered after the long day of travelling with an extra-long stop in Dubai, finally managing to find our taxi driver. The journey to the hotel felt like a dream, zoned out, living on minutes of sleep, seeing families piling onto a singular moped on the dual carriageway, wild animals roaming, rundown buildings with rubbish scattered everywhere. With some sleep under my belt, then it was time to take everything in. The people in Hanoi were extremely friendly and welcoming, the food was fresh and full of flavour, the vibe of the whole city just screamed happiness and good times. I was struggling to comprehend how the mood was so positive in the poverty stricken environment, surely they shouldn’t go hand in hand, but they did. This is their life, working from sunrise to sunset to provide for their families and smiling the whole way through. Truly inspiring trip.

Singapore. Exposure to a completely different country. The streets were spotless, not being able to see past the vast amount of skyscrapers. In terms of history, Singapore provided little to none in comparison to the culture filled streets of Hanoi, but it was still a chance for us to explore somewhere new.

Escaping from your day to day routine is crucial to a healthy lifestyle, whether that is going for a camping holiday in the UK, having a day or two off to look after yourself, or traveling around the world, no matter where.

I am super focused on continuing to assist our clients to reach their financial objectives alongside the team here at Wattam Kirby Mee as well as studying towards my financial planning diploma, but alongside that, I am going to continue to travel different countries all around the world, to educate myself and push myself more and more to learn about what the world has to offer and enjoy some downtime.

Next stops:

  • Budapest
  • Nepal

Thanks for reading and…