My little boy has a book called ‘I don’t like Gloria’, I have to be honest it is my favourite book of his and I often try and push him into letting me read it at bedtime. Not to ruin an epic tale but essentially Colin the dog has his nose pushed out by the arrival of Gloria the cat, the story shows how Colin’s life deteriorates and Gloria laps up the attention. However, there is a sting in the tail when Benjamin the rabbit arrives, and Gloria gets the same treatment as Colin with Benjamin taking centre stage. It is a classic story and well worth a read!

You may wonder where this is going, I have to be honest I did too when I started typing the above. However, my thoughts this week are around creativity and how I am in awe of those with creative juices flowing through their body.

Numbers have always made sense to me and at school I excelled in maths but struggled in creative writing. Being a regular on LinkedIn I love reading posts from people who put out great content regularly and have lots of engagement with others on the platform. I try my best but for some reason writers block takes over and trying to come up with something interesting is a struggle.

Thankfully my day job relies much heavier on numbers and less on creative writing. Later this month we have a day set aside for business planning for 2022 and beyond. We did this last year and it was great to focus the mind and get input from the team as to what we can achieve and how we are going to go about it.

Maybe I am being harsh on myself and business planning is creative but in a different way? Perhaps it is the fact that numbers have a big part to play in our planning that gives me a comfort blanket and means my mind sparks into action.

Before then though there are a number of bedtime stories to get through and fingers crossed tonight, I can read about Colin, Gloria and Benjamin.

If you have a favourite book to recommend reading to the children, I would love to hear it…….

Thanks for reading and