Hello! My name is Georgie Kirby, I’m currently 21 years old, studying Law with Canadian Law at the University of Nottingham, oh, and I have the pleasure of also being Tim’s younger sister.

This week I have been fortunate enough to gain an insight into what goes on behind closed doors here at WKM Wealth and so as I’m writing this post I’m feeling inspired! Although it is slightly strange seeing my older brother in work-mode, meeting with clients and explaining complex financial concepts to me, I made the comment earlier in the week that his personality does not actually seem to vary greatly from the Tim that I know at home. He responded by saying that this is because he feels so genuinely happy knowing that he’s coming into work every day to help build something that him and his friends have created themselves. I can only imagine how liberating this must feel, and I must say that this positivity is clearly reflected in the office culture and the way everyone interacts with clients.

Given that I’m in quite a pivotal point in my journey through university, having just completed a year abroad in Canada and now entering my fourth and final year, I feel like gaining this work experience has significantly altered my view on which path I should choose post-graduation. Each member of the team here took a slightly different route professionally, but they have all ended up working in a job that allows them to showcase their unique strengths whilst still presenting challenges that must be overcome as a team. From a personal perspective, this sounds like the epitome of job satisfaction and will definitely be something I’ll strive for moving forward into my future career.

In summary, I’m extremely grateful for this week and everything that I’ve learnt, and I have a feeling I will retain some financial planning and investment management concepts better than others (pensions are still a mystery but I’ll keep working on it). I’d like to think that the main takeaway has been to take advantage of all the new experiences that are bound to come my way in the near future so that I will have the chance to harness my career in the way my brother has.

Thanks for reading and