I was asked today about what’s been the biggest learning from 2021. 2021 has been a year unlike most, for many reasons, but not least the various challenges we have all faced from the on-going Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid aside, this year has been extremely positive from a business and professional perspective. As a business, we have grown beyond our expectations and clients continue to join, to be part of our collective journey. What has been the driver of this success?

Again, a multitude of reasons, but for me, it’s by being us. It’s the DNA, the culture within WKM that we have instilled, that makes us successful. Clients expect us to know our investments, ISA and pension technical matters and help them, over time, to achieve their aspirations and goals. There are a number of options out there for them to consider in terms of financial advice and investment management, but why work with WKM? I believe, it’s the opportunity to work with a fresh, forward-looking, non-corporate business and people enthused about the future.

Look at our social media presence for example – it is not a moderated, big business stance. It’s us. We write a weekly blog – written by each of us. We want to convey our story and how we see the world, to help prospective clients get a sense of our approach and whether they can see themselves working with the team at WKM.

We are a team and one that is hugely proud of our achievements thus far, but we are far from complacent. Each enquiry is exciting and is managed by one of the owners and co-founders of our business. It is personal to us. We invest in the same portfolios as our clients and follow our own advice and pay the fees too!

Financial advice and investment management is not for everyone, but we believe working with us for the long term, will help deliver better outcomes for our clients. We hope we can have some fun along the way and genuinely want to interact with our clients and potential clients too. There is no corporate machine in the background, it’s us. We make the decisions, we devise the plans, we make it happen.

What is in store for 2022? That’s another story, but needless to say, we’re very excited at the prospect of welcoming a new administrator to the team and it’s been fantastic to see the calibre and interest in a role in our new, but growing business.

We do things our way and we very much plan to continue as such.

If you’d like to hear about what we do & how we do it, get in touch.

In the meantime, thanks for reading and….