When I started my role with WKM in mid-January, I had R01 and R05 exam passes under my belt from last year so I already had a clear plan in place in regards to how I wanted to approach R03 and my own “winning” formula for success. However, I quickly realised my new role would add a significant variable that I’d need to factor in and my mind was full of thoughts on how I was going to make everything work.

The truth is it didn’t require much work at all.

I knew the role would greatly complement my studies with constant exposure to real-life scenarios which a textbook simply can’t give you but the additional support from everyone as well as the ability to take time out of the typical work day to get some studying done once I’d completed my tasks has been super beneficial for me. I spoke to someone recently who has been in financial services for many years and told her about all the exam support I’ve been getting since I started my role. She was really happy to hear the team are “setting industry standards”. Those words have stuck with me and are one of many reasons why I’m thankful to be here.

I decided to take a few weeks off to fully concentrate on R03 and I’m extremely happy to say I passed and halfway there to becoming fully qualified. It was a tough exam but ultimately I wanted the time away from the office to be worth it. Generally, I’m a massive fan of the little things in life so everything from the team wishing me well to being able to talk to anyone anytime have meant a lot to me.

After a weekend (+ a few more days…) of celebrating, I’ve began studying for R02 and not planning to take my foot off the pedal. I’m really excited for what the future will bring and really happy to be here.

Thanks for reading and as a reminder to us all (myself included), don’t forget to…