Starting the journey

I am now 1 month into my journey with WKM Wealth Ltd, having been given a vast amount of information and training, it really didn’t take me long at all to settle in. It’s a great feeling to see yourself as part of a team, especially so early into the job.

As I have been studying towards my financial planning diploma, it has been very satisfying to see different practices and methods being implemented by the directors. From day one, I have been similar to that of a sponge when trying to absorb how the business operates and the one thing that has stuck out is how professional and in touch they are with all clients. I suppose this comes as no surprise, as I have got to know everyone in the company, it has become more evident that the needs and objectives of clients always come first.

Becoming a part of the Wattam Kirby Mee team has made me feel extremely proud and the first 4 weeks have encouraged me that I have found a brilliant foundation to build on for my personal development. Being able to learn from everyone around me, even if I am just observing, and using the training sessions given to me will be a huge benefit.

From this point onwards, I am looking forward to seeing the progression of the business, and hope to be a part of making the current and future clients financial journeys a smooth and pleasant one.

Thanks for reading and…