Like many of us, we have a case of serious Olympic fever in our house and in the office at the moment. Seeing the comradery of the athletes is inspiring to watch, being a huge sports fan it is refreshing to see other athletes cheering their team mates, and even competitors on. The sight on the BMX track as Beth Shriever crossed the line with Kye Whyte going mad in support was so inspiring as was the high jump final when two athletes from different countries were embraced in a huge hug at winning joint gold.

I think the real highlight for me has been this weekend and some of the mixed medley team events. The triathlon and mixed 100m medley have been my favourite two events of the games to date. In the pool it was hard to judge who was doing well in the race until the last leg and was edge of the seat stuff whereas the triathlon was a real show of attrition and effort by Team GB. I was over the moon for Jonny Brownlee as he finally got his hands on an Olympic gold.

There are many lessons to learn from events such as the Olympics, but perhaps the biggest is that teamwork and supporting your colleagues can make such a huge difference. It is without doubt that in our business we couldn’t do what we do without the support of the rest of the team. Everything we do needs input from multiple sets of eyes to ensure the output meets the high standards we set ourselves.

Next month, employee number one (Loz) celebrates her first anniversary with us and we have started discussing employee number two. Perhaps this might lead us down the apprentice route and look to give an opportunity to a bright, ambitious individual who wants more than a job. This will mean more support given but, like Team GB, that individual will be coming into an exciting and ambitious environment with all the support needed for them to be a success.

I can’t wait for 7.30pm this evening and more Olympics highlights but also to meet our new recruit when the time comes.

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