The team have signed-off for the festive period and it’s time many of us sit back and take time to reflect on the past year and perhaps look forward to the new year.

We are forever grateful for the support that our families, business partners, fellow professionals and of course, our clients give to us and our team. We enter our third calendar year as a business in 2022 and have very exciting plans for the next 12 months & beyond, including welcoming a number of new faces to the team.

We have a clear vision for our future and the team growth in early 2022 is designed to support that plan and if 2022 is anywhere near as successful as 2021 has been, as a business, we will be very happy indeed.

Investment markets have been volatile in 2021 and the outlook is arguably, more of the same. Covid-19 variants continue to develop and the world adapts, but with changes that are often impossible to foresee. Our investment team, headed-up by Ben Wattam, remain positive and confident with the approach we are taking, albeit there are no guarantees with investments.

As per the photo, we do offer a good coffee from our office near Leicester, so if you fancy a latte and you’re nearby, give us a shout.

 Thank you & we wish you a safe, happy Christmas and the very best for 2022.

From us all at team WKM –  Adrian, Ben, Loz, Neil & Tim

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