WKM have grown in numbers and the new addition is me! The four founder advisors and investment directors now become five and the WKM journey that started in 2020 evolves further.

Some would ask what is in a number, but the number 5 has a significant providence; the five continents of the world; five human senses; five Olympic Rings; a high five and of course five Spice Girls. However, from a WKM point of view this now creates shared financial services experience of around 90 years. In our professional careers we’ve witnessed the dotcom boom & bust, the banking crisis and subsequent financial crash, the global Covid pandemic, but despite this we also saw the longest equity market bull run in history. The last 20 years in financial markets have probably been the most volatile, but also potentially the most rewarding in history. Given the prevailing global issues facing us now, volatility will continue to have a substantial impact, but opportunity will continue to abound.

The real privilege of these years has been the ability to help clients achieve their goals regardless of the prevailing circumstances. As such, for me the last six months, spent on contractual gardening leave with hands tied by restricted covenants has been frustrating given all that has passed and not being able to give advice. Thankfully, I am now able to advise again!

Why WKM? That is a question that our clients will ask themselves when they first meet us and one that I asked myself too. I have seen the evolution in financial services over the past 20 years and for much of that time have been advising clients and professional connections, progressing ultimately to becoming a director of a very successful national wealth management firm. 

So, what was the WKM difference for me? Well of course I knew the founders well. I had worked with three for many years and highly respected their knowledge, integrity, and ethos. I was also impressed with the evolution they had created with WKM. Much like many of the financial services firms that started in the 90’s, David’s to the then insurance company Goliaths (David had five pebbles for his sling by the way), WKM is disrupting the complacent mainstream financial advisory market, both large and small:

  1. Embracing financial technology.
  2. Fresh thinking investment management next to expert financial planning (we sit side by side!).
  3. Personal service second to none.
  4. Unencumbered by a corporate approach which frankly very few clients (and employees of said businesses) identify with.

So, where now? The difference WKM makes is tangible on every level. We believe we can make a very real positive impact in terms of both advice and investment management. Our experience is vast, our knowledge deep, our connections comprehensive and our commitment to clients 100%. Monday mornings come around quickly, but at WKM we always…