I moved house recently and on personal recommendation we used a local removal company who came in and packed us up, loaded the van and unloaded the other end. On the day before we moved the team turned up to start the packing. Three individuals arrived and surveyed the work before splitting up and getting on with their work.

The kitchen was the biggest task, and the lead removal person took charge here whilst his two teammates cracked on upstairs. My wife is super organised, so the upstairs was soon complete, and the leader was soon joined in the kitchen to lend a helping hand.

The three of them worked so well together and efficiently that they were ahead of schedule and asked if we mind them starting to load the lorry and take some of our belongings into storage overnight. We were more than happy with this, but the team were keen to ensure we had everything we needed to live first, including the kettle!

On move day the team were back early and in a blink of an eye the rest of the house was loaded into the lorry, and we were off. At the other end the team again took time to survey the task ahead and raised a couple of potential issues including two wardrobes that wouldn’t get up the stairs without being dismantled. A quick call to HQ and the team had their tools out and the wardrobes were dismantled and in place back intact.

By early afternoon the work was complete and not content with sitting back the team were off to help their colleagues on other moves to ensure everyone could get away for the weekend.

It was a pleasure to watch a well oiled and organised machine complete the moving task ahead of schedule and got me thinking about WKM and how we also rely heavily on teamwork. By splitting up a task amongst the team you can break down any issue to make it more efficient and easier to complete.

As the team grows keeping a good team spirit is vital to ongoing business success. If we can replicate the removal company in the future, then me and my fellow directors can feel very happy in a job well done.

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