I had lunch with a professional connection this week and they were enquiring about our business and what we do. As I was talking the individual was nodding along and smiling. I didn’t understand why, but once the polished (in my mind at least) elevator pitch was over he commented how he felt our business was unique and would be surprised if there were many (if any) others out there in our world who could mirror our in-house proposition / expertise.


This set the grey matter thinking further and what did he mean about our uniqueness. What was I missing that didn’t make me think of this first when talking about WKM?


The 6 things I came up with were as follows:


  1. Modern objective led financial planning
  2. Visual representation of the above
  3. Bespoke in house discretionary management
  4. Over 30 years self-managed pension consultancy expertise
  5. No legacy or skeletons in the closet
  6. Wholly independent


As I built this list in my mind, I started to think about other firms in our industry that perhaps I thought of as able to do the above and one by one I struck them off the list.


Later in the week I walked to get some lunch with one of my fellow co-founders and floated the ‘unique’ word out in our discussion. Tell me more he said, as I listed the 6 points, I could see the cogs turning in his mind so he could set about ‘proving me wrong’. I am still waiting…….


So, maybe my connection was right. Maybe we hadn’t quite grasped this ‘unique’ point as we should have. Whilst we are extremely proud of what we have built in the first two years of being operational, I can honestly say I haven’t gotten the above message across as clearly and well as perhaps I should.


As WKM continues to grow and matches our ambitious plans, continuing to offer the same service proposition and always looking for ways to improve will be a key priority for the business. Staying relevant is important to us and if we achieve this and continue working with our clients to meet their objectives then the world really is our oyster.


Thanks for reading and #enjoythejourney