It is with a heavy heart I write this blog as we witness Russia invade Ukraine with no provocation for their own ends of “self-defence”. The loss of life will be heart-breaking. We certainly seem to be witnessing another man in power exercising his ultimate control over a country, and seemingly acting against the will of his own people in pursuit of his own ego self-gratification. 

I have not visited Ukraine but I have met some of their boxing fans. I attended the Antony Joshua v Oleksandr Usyk bout in London last year and sat shoulder to shoulder with Ukrainian boxing fans. We made jokes, shared drinks, and enjoyed an evening of sporting entertainment. No harsh words between us all with Ukrainian colours of yellow and blue mixed with our red, white and blue. Harmony in sport. 

By co-incidence, I was going through the contents of my safe last Friday, for insurance purposes, and came across my grandad and grandmother’s possessions I have inherited. Mixed in with my keep sakes were their medals from World War 2. Both sets in their original boxes with letters from the Ministry of Defence detailing the contents and how to wear the ribbons with the medals. They remain unworn to this day. 

We are not a military family but both of my grandparents worked for their country in Africa and Europe, during the period 1939 to 1945, then returned home to marry and then raise my dad and uncle. I was in love with their stoicism and humour as a child, and only after they had gone did I begin to understand what horrors they had been through. The medals were found in their house in a Welsh dresser with letters my grandparents had received from his friends also caught up in the conflict all wishing each other well and promising to meet up soon. 

I hope Ukrainians can avoid this experience and normality returns to their country. 

While we remain active and committed during this time in safeguarding our client’s interests, both financially and emotionally, it is difficult not to feel sadness caught up in this and other conflicts.

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