Who Moved my cheese? is a book that was recommended to me in a previous role I did but I recently picked it up again as I was anticipating the changes that were about to come our way, as a business, due to new starters that joined our business this week.

In essence, the book made me consider how adaptable to change I am and how I could look at things differently when faced with change. Am I someone who doesn’t see change coming and gets in a rut, denying the change is happening?… do I accept the change eventually, dragging my heels a little?….or am I someone who is so aware of my surroundings that I see the change coming and quickly adapt?

I would probably say I have an element of all of these in me, depending on the situation, but I have been well aware, in advance, of the changes that have now occurred within our business. We recognised early on that we would soon be at the point where we would need additional administration support and we were lucky enough, after an interesting recruitment journey, to find two very suitable candidates.

We are now at the end of the first week as a team of seven and it has been fantastic to welcome the two new administrators into our team. I have loved the past 16 months as a team of five so there was a little part of me that wanted that to continue, but I acknowledged it would continue, just with additional dynamics!

It’s also made me realise how far we’ve come and that this support will continue to allow us to offer the best service to our clients.

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