It started on a Sunday evening in a local pub, a text had come through from Ben a week or so before and both Adrian and myself had agreed that frustrations in our current roles continued to grow and we wanted to do things differently and better enjoy the fantastic relationship we had with people we had met to date.

I remember vividly getting home from that first meeting and chatting away to my wife Lisa for at least an hour about what we had talked about, how we think it could work and that I really wanted to follow the entrepreneurial path I had been inspired to follow by so many of my amazing clients. Lisa had to slow me down at a number of points as my excitement got carried away and as always she ensured that there was a balance to my musings and that it wouldn’t all be sweetness and light.

Having three young children, this was a huge decision for us to make, leaving behind the financial confidence of a good, secure income and having to live off savings for a period of time wasn’t what we envisaged at this stage of our lives. However, the more I thought about it the more it excited me and that longing to build a business from the ground up was too great to turn down. I didn’t want to live my life with the regret of not being part of the WKM journey and in the end it was an easy decision to make to jump two feet into the new company.

My career to date has been with two fantastic businesses where I have learnt a lot about the industry however in recent times my inspirations in how our type of business should evolve had differed from my previous co-directors. It is so refreshing to now speak to three talented individuals who all share the vision of building a futureproof financial planning and investment management business. Without any legacy issues system issues we are able to try and source great technology partners to further enhance the experience our clients will receive.

In just a very short space of time what I have learnt is that we can’t stand still and what we believe is right for now will change and we need to ensure that we continue to spend time on the business as well as doing business as we move forward.

It’s such an exciting place to be and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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